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Golden Visa Process

Please fill this form in order for us to get back to you and professionally tailor a program adapted to your situation and needs.

Portekiz anahtar Golden altın visa danışmanlık

On our first meeting, we will explain the various existing Golden Visa programs, our ethics & workflow. this will be an opportunity for you to ask all the questions you have regarding the program, free of charge.

In brief, if you decide to go on with us after the first

meeting, this is how it's going to be:​

First step - Online/In person

  • The consultant who is going to help you specifically will have a long meeting with you regarding your project, your investor profile (family or business). This meeting will enable us to understand your needs, purposes and hopes. After the signing of our agreement, our international and local teams will start their work.

  • We will have another meeting with our first suggestions; these meetings will go on until we establish a shortlist consisting of investment opportunities that meet our quality criterias as well as your own preferences. We then travel together to Portugal with our shortlist.

​      We inform you on the documents you need to bring with you for the administrative parts of the investment, and you bring them with you.

Second step - in Portugal 

  • We visit the established shortlist properties, and we decide on the most appropriate one ;

  • We make the opt-in reservation on the property you have preferred.  ;

  • Your banking registration is done ;

  • We make sure you meet our legal advisors - You give a Power of Attorney to the lawyers so that they can start the Golden Visa procedures, follow-up and necessary delivery of the documentation of the property you wish to acquire (you can obviously have your own lawyer verify these documents as well).

           We make sure to finish 2 more important steps towards the Golden Visa: 

  • ​The week following this first step, the Portuguese bank will give you all of the important account and internet banking information.

  • Your legal advisors will provide you with a Portuguese Tax number. The lawyers will make all of the necessary inquisition (due diligence  regarding the property you wish to acquire, and once all is confirmed to be in order, will start the acquisition process.

Third step - in Portugal

  • After the preparations and verifications are over, the legal advisors will proceed to the acquisition under a notary. You can of course be present at this time, or have your lawyer represent you.

  • After the sale has gone through, the legal advisors will immediately start the Golden Visa procedure for you and your family. 

    • Your documents are given to the Portuguese Ministry for Foreign Affairs Department of Foreigners (SEF), and a meeting is scheduled with them for you and your family to come personally and have a standard interview: Biometric scans mostly. Therefore this step cannot be done by your representatives.

  • In about 6 months (although we generally obtain them in about 3 months), you get your residency permit and your Residency Card. With the card, you also benefit from the right to work there without other formalities!


Last steps

  • During years 1, 3 and 5, your legal advisors apply for the renewal of your residency cards.

  • At the end of year 5, you are offered 2 choices :

  1. Apply for a lifelong residency card;

  2. Apply for Portuguese citizenship;

Portekiz Golden Visas will accompany you from the acquisition of your property until you get your residency card.

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