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New Home - New Life

Real Estate Counselling

We are not a real-estate agency: therefore, we are free to scan all of the available properties and offers, both online and on the field through our network. 

Rest assured: we find what is best for you, just as if we were investing ourselves.

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Our main service is to help you find the ideal investment property according to your criteria.

We work with the most important real-estate agencies and developers but also with the small family businesses and direct sellers, in order to find the property that is the most appropriate to you and the market conditions. 

It is extremely important for us to remain independent from any one specific agency so that we can focus on servicing you with the most precise and to-the-point investment opportunity, tailored to the criteria we have previously established together.

We provide you with 5-10 optimal property investment, through a shortlist.


Not only do we shortlist the best possible acquisition options in the quickly changing Portuguese real-estate market, we also take charge of the negotiation aspect on your behalf.

Negotiation is a long and tiresome process to which we have become acquainted through our various deals. As long as you have provided power of attorney to your local lawyer, we can engage and give you a final estimate of the offer price for the sale of the house.

After our negotiation, you instruct your lawyer to go through with the deal, from wherever you are!

Once the deal is through, we will continue to accompany you, alongside your lawyers, with the Golden Visa Process.  


Mid-term (6 months & more) and Long-term (1 year & more) renting agency network:

We have many partners who offer to take care of your property if you decide not to stay in Portugal: they will deal with renting, property management, utility bills & financial aspects of the property as well as making sure the tenants get quality treatment and respect their housing. Not only do we consider this service essential, our close partnership gets you unprecedented deal on the market (around 5% of the rent)!

Social & Familial Integration:

If you decide to move here, whether alone or with your family, it will be important to integrate yourself in the society so that you get the best of your new life! 

This is why we offer to integrate you with the various social structures in Lisbon (restaurants, bars, artistic venues, universities, language courses, points of interest, museums, etc...) so that you know the place better than anyone else!

Not only that, we offer to help you get acquainted with the existing scholar systems, so that you can rest assured that your family will get the best possible environment to continue its education. You can learn more about the schools & general Portuguese culture here.


Country Discovery (the Portuguese Experience):

If you have some time to spare and you wish to discover Portugal more in-depth, we offer to organize trips around the country to discover the beautiful landscapes and many secrets that Portugal has to offer. Tell us about your interest in that when you contact us.

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