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Portugal Keys Golden Visa

You wish to live where you decide to, and not where you were imposed to? With Portekiz Golden Visas and its team, we aim to be the facilitator of your decision to re-establish your life. 

On this new door opening to Europe, we will accompany you and always be by your side for all the steps.

Whether it is regarding EU law, residency and working permits, citizenship acquisition, creation of companies or taxes, our many experiences and expert network will ease and quicken your ideal investment in Europe. 


Our legal advisors are each the top experts and government advisors in their fields, and our most trusted partners. The Portuguese Golden Visa Program which started in 2013, was successfully managed by them for up to more than 600 successful cases, and not one refusal. Our company guarantees that clients who come with us to invest in Portugal either to live or to work, will always have the result that they expect in terms of establishment, and further down the line, in terms of self-achievement, thanks to our expertise.


​Our main philosophy is to "earn while you acquire", and to focus on the project of our clients, whether short/medium/long term, on the best possible yield for the growing Portuguese market. We offer you choices ranging from many developers and agencies, and do not attach ourselves to only one agency, to make sure that you get the best possible deal around.


The founder of our company, an established and recognized journalist has been awarded medals of honor for her peaceful and fair professional behavior in both France and Turkey. During her presence in Portugal as Mrs. Ambassador, she became a well respected and loved person in the country. Her aim has always been to provide a hearty and family-like service for those who wish to come and build a new life in Portugal, as well as help them adapt and find happiness.

For all of these reasons, our services are all rendered in full transparency and a zero-error policy. Instead of a standard fit-all menu, we prefer to offer an "A la carte" service, tailor to your specific needs: every person/family has different conditions, criteria, dreams, and we intend to make them true and make them stay so with meticulous detailing of the listings we prepare. 

The financial institutions and banks we are partner with are the fastest, most trusted ones in the market, and will provide their services free of charge.


We do guarantee a personalized, professional and transparent service set leading to a successfully achieve your objectives.

Portekiz anahtar Golden altın visa tanıtım
Nurdan ÖKTER

Company Information

Work areas: Portugal, Turkey, France, Belgium

Contact us:

Portekiz anahtar Golden altın visa tanıtım
Consultancy Team

Graduated from Notre Dame de Sion High School and  Marmara University Communication Faculty.
As a student, she worked and wrote at Milliyet Gazetesi. After the university, she continued her job in France.


During her time in the south of France, and while working for Milliyet Gazetesi, Milliyet's Art magazine and other publications, she took a post at the French Radio center.


After moving to Paris, she undergoes a graduate diploma in International Relations.
Since the creation of Sabah Gazetesi, she keeps close ties with them and became the representative for France and Europe of Sabah, ATV and 1 Numara media holding during 14 years.
In the meantime, she was asked to be a commentator of Turkish-EU relations at the International branch of the French National Radio (Radio France International).


Holder of French and Turkish Press Cards, she is a member of the French Foreign Press Council and the Turkish Press Council.

She also committed to various social works and events as her time as Mrs. Ambassador in Portugal, TRNC and briefly in Sweden.

She directed and presented the weekly program "Avrupa Treni" at the TRT national TV in Ankara.
Acted as lecturer at Bilkent Üniversity's “Media Studies” and “Journalism” department during 7 semesters.
She was the Turkish representative for Mostra Communication and Media Consulta, two EU media groups with regards to their Turkish-EU relations department.
She was offered to be a member of the European Relations Communications Team created by President Abdullah Gül before the beginning of the EU negotiations.


Nurdan (BERNARD) ÖKTER, who knows French, English, Italian and Portuguese, was offered the French Ordre National du Mérite for her "fair, objective and forward thinking professional treatment of the two countries" by the French government.

During her time as a journalist and as Mrs. Ambassador, she was given various other honor medals and prizes for her work by the Turkish, Turkish Cypriot and Portuguese governments.

  • Real-estate

    • Remax

    • JLL Cobertura

    • Castelhana

    • IAD Portugal

    • New Cycle

    • KW Immo

    • Business Consultant

    • CityLux

    • Grupa Santo

    • Quintela & Penalva

    • LISBOA Immo Service Consultant

    • Método Imobiliária

    • Espaço Aberto

    • WOGEN

    • ReDe Consultores

         and 22 Independent realtors

  • Investment: 37 Construction, Comsultancy and Development firms 

  • Architecture

    • Klaus Gruner

    • Susanna Rapazote

  • Local consultants

    • Milita Soares Miranda

    • Jorge Faustino

    • Frédérik Bernard

    • Zeynep Korkut

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