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Residency and Acquisition of nationality

Portekiz Golden Visas offers a vast array of services, in line with best practices, to enable the smoothest of integrations.

Portekiz anahtar Golden altın visa tanıtım pasaport


Golden Visa is a successful program allowing foreign investors focusing on real estate to obtain residency in Portugal.


Therefore, investors can live, work and enjoy Portugal, as well as benefit from the social, medical, educational and legal benefits of the country. Also they get free-movement within the Schengen Zone as well as to over 140 countries.

The applicant investors can also have their families benefit from the Program. Furthermore, after a period of 6 years, the investor and his/her family can apply for Portuguese citizenship - thus making it a rare Golden Visa program permitting the obtention of a European Citizenship. 

As Portekiz Golden Visas, we wish to share with you our local expertise, and the safe haven of a governmentally controlled Investment program, with various possibilities suiting your precise profile.

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